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Of your IT requirements in Hospitality, Food and Beverage, and Retail businesses


And proven hardware and software solutions used worldwide


Support, training, and consultancy to maximize the usage of your implemented solution

What We Offer

  • Point of Sales software solution, with local network setup or cloud base setup
  • Feature full Inventory management solution for Hospitality and F&B business from small individual operation to multi-concept, multi-venue, multi-warehouse operation
  • Web-based AgileBiz ERP solution based on Agile-Lab technology and with vast flexibility to integrate with third party front end application, CRM, HRMS, POS, …
  • HOT-SPOT / WiFi solution with Customer Engagement and Review Management Capabilities. Suitable for all Hospitality, F&B, and leisure businesses that want to engage with their clients and understand them better
  • Dedicated support, training, and consultancy for implemented solutions

  • Fixed POS, Mobile POS, Cloud-Base POS
  • Table Service, Quick Service, Advance Ordering, On-Line Ordering
  • Local Reporting, Online Reporting, Centralized Reporting
  • Account Module, Loyalty Program, Third Party Interfacing

More Info

  • Purchasing management
  • Consumption and cost control and management
  • Production and commissary management
  • Multi concept, multi warehouse management

More Info

  • Web-based ERP solution
  • Capable to run on a local server or a cloud platform
  • Based on Axpert RAD development platform
  • Rapidly integrate-able with third party front end applications
  • Available with Accounting, CRM, HRMS, and POS modules

More Info

  • State of the art design
  • High performance POS hardware
  • Durable hardware
  • Reliable hardware equipment
  • Total solution support
  • 24x7 Support
  • Consultancy
  • Solution customization and development

More Info

  • HotSpot / Guest WIFI Authentication and Captive Signing
  • Splash page customization
  • Review request and management
  • Multi-channel Review aggregation
  • Review Analytics
  • Marketing Campaign

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