About Us

RMA IT Consultants was incorporated in 1998 in Dubai. From the beginning our focus was to provide reliable IT and POS solutions to F&B, Hospitality, and Retail businesses and to our clients. 

To deliver our promised solutions, we allied with reputed companies like NCR and Action System Inc (merged in Shift4 Payment in 2017). to provide the best of the bread in the industry. 

RMA IT Consultants has progressed well with its resources. We have managed to build up a team to provide our customers with professional as well as state of the art services in many areas. 

The company draws its strength not only from an in-house qualified and competent team of professionals, but also from critical alliances with local and international partners carefully selected and nurtured over the period of time into beneficial business relationships. 

The solutions, which RMA IT Consultants provides, are designed right down to the optimization of our clients’ definitions and requirements.

We Solve Problems

We offer solutions to solve your business and operation problems. Problems which comes along business needs and technology changes.

We Pay Attention to Details

As the devil is in the details and we take care of it! That’s where the business make difference and we do care to provide the needs to be different.

We Rely on Proven Solutions

Our solutions are pioneers in the industry and are among the best solutions between the peers. That’s what the industry experts are saying not us!

We Love to Support YOU

Support is our strength for past twenty years and we take it very close to our heart!

We are Flexible
as your business requires especial needs and adjustments, our solutions accommodate the needs of many different operations
We are dedicated
to the Retail and Hospitality industry and we focus on the industry and its vertical business requirements and changes
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