Information Technology (IT) is a very dynamic and changing industry. New tools, technics, and infrastructures are always helping businesses to get most out of their management tools by acquiring these new capabilities in IT.

Retail and Food and Beverage (F&B) industries are no exception to this trend. IT industry has been helping for more than a century to improve and expand the management capability in different verticals of retail business to get better knowledge and apply better management in all aspects of Retail and F&B operations.

Being on top of these dynamic changes and applying them to the business operation and providing consultancy to our clients to get the most out of their IT investment is one of our main goals and activities in RMA IT Consultants.

We do not consider ourselves as just a supplier of equipment or boxes. We consider RMA IT Consultants as part of our clients' operation, and we are always trying to apply new IT developments and technics to get better result from clients' IT investment.


RMA IT Consultants provide complete training for different level of operation for all solutions provided to clients.

Covering front end operation of Point of Sales (POS) solution and applying all related processes and functions in a retail shop or restaurant that can get set in the POS solution is the key element of any successful solution implementation.

Back office training, especially inventory management is the essence of cost control in Retail and F&B operation. In our trainings, we cover the essential concept of inventory management along with the usage of system.

System security and operation auditing is another critical element of operation that we conduct training on. If the management cannot audit operators' activity, there will be no guaranty on operation health and accuracy.

First level support is another level of training for our clients to be able to address their basic support needs. Despite the support we provide, there is always minor issues that can get fixed without involving higher cost technicians approach.

Chain management concepts and Management Information Systems (MIS) is an important part of Retail and Food-and-Beverage management. Training the operators on how to use the MIS tools and manage the chain level operation is part of training we provide to our clients.


RMA IT Consultants provide technical supports in different level and different timing to all clients.

Our support operation can be in regular business hours to 24x7 support from on-line to at-site support.

For every solution we implement we offer annual maintenance contract to keep our clients in comfort level of support availability and fast delivery of services.